Why Wear Shapewear?

Why Wear Shapewear?

Shapewear For a Curvy Woman

Shapewear and body shapers are absolutely ideal for the fuller figure. These products are designed to give you the curvaceous figure that Mother Nature intended!
Plus Size Shapewear or Shaping Underwear for the fuller figure, in simple terms is underwear that is specifically designed to change the body shape of the wearer. The objective is to produce a more curvaceous hourglass figure that is pleasing to the eye and at the same time comfortable to wear.

Shapewear is about smoothing out the natural lumps and bumps that occur on the female body and has been worn for centuries now both as a fashion statement and also in everyday social scenarios and not always necessarily for women. This underwear comes in styles based upon the amount of shaping that is offered, typically that is lightweight, medium or firm control.

A bodysuit or leotard tends to be lightweight and offers some body shaping support as would a camisole or briefs and panties. However the most popular type of shapewear is a girdle which tends to be made of spandex and so gives a greater level of shape and support. A girdle can be open bottom like a classic Playtex girdle or it can be closed at the crotch and Rago offer many examples of this. The closed crotch option is particularly popular when it also includes long leg briefs and sometimes even a high waist.

This enables the wearer to obtain support and shape around hips, thighs, buttocks and waist. Recent research suggests that over 40% of women wear shapewear at least once a week although in the UK in particular the percentage is much higher in older women. Brands such as Maidenform, Spanx and Rago have added a whole new dimension to shapewear making the garments far more fashionable and on occasions may even be regarded as sexy.

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