What Style of Knickers?

What Style of Knickers?

There can be very few single garments with so many variations as ladies knickers! So if you need some help understanding all the different terms here is a guide for you.

Bikini Briefs

This is the panty part of a 2 piece bathing suit usually worn for swimming or sunbathing. It is very brief and the top of the panty usually starts well below the waist and consists of a triangle shape in the front and the back with moderate covering for the behind. But the style can also often be found in everyday briefs.

Boy Shorts

This is a type of panty for women that looks very similar to the boys’ boxer briefs. Typically you will find the leg bottom hem cuts straight across the thigh and in fact the hem is usually level with the crotch. It will be very short in length with the waist sitting on the hip but with full coverage of the backside.


Traditionally the most common style of panty for women are called briefs. They usually have an elasticated waist. This is a very modest style that sits on the waist and offers full backside coverage.


This a very skimpy style of ladies knickers with a triangular shape on the back. Butt cheeks will be fully exposed so not for the faint-hearted!

Control Briefs

This panty is very cleverly designed to provide comfort all day long but it’s primary objective is to give the appearance of a flattened waist, tummy and backside. Can be a great choice for both men and women in fact.

The Alice Slim Fit Briefs from Ulla Dessous are a good example of the combination of femininity and practicality working well together.

Cheeky Panty

This once again is a very skimpy and delicate panty. Features an exposed back with a very high thigh cut which also exposes a large part of your backside.

French Knickers

This is a luxurious panty style typically made from silk or satin. Very similar to Boy Shorts but with wider loose fitting legs which often have a frilly hem.


This a style that has become more and more popular in recent times. Features a triangle of material at the front which is held together by strings on the sides and back. Hence your backside will be fully exposed, with sometimes just a small triangular shape at the rear. This type of panty is typically worn to avoid the notorious ‘visible panty line’ which is a great benefit when wearing figure hugging clothes.

High Waist Shaper

These panties are in fact cleverly designed shapewear. They come with a very high waist which will support and flatten your tummy and midriff plus should minimise your waistline.

Hipster Briefs

This panty has an elasticated waistband that sits on your hips just beneath your waist. The entire hip are is covered as is your behind. Tends to be cut quite high on the sides but still sufficient to give backside coverage.

Panty Girdle

A classic style that your Mother probably used to wear but has been made more contemporary by the likes of Spanx and Rago Shapewear. This is a style of control panty but offers more substantial support similar to a corset.

Rago do in fact produce a truly stunning Extra Control Panty Girdle which you will forget you are wearing. All the many admiring glances you receive will serve as a reminder!


Also a more recent addition to the modern woman’s lingerie drawer. This has a centre string or very narrow strip of material at the behind which sits in between your backside cheeks. A small triangular piece of material at the front means this is an ideal choice for the woman who wears a tight fitting dress or skirt.

Occasionally this garment has a reputation for being rather ‘tacky’ but the Josy Thong from Ulla Dessous is a fine example of how sophisticated a Thong can be.


This style of panty has very thin straps across the hips and a narrow backside coverage. Very skimpy and delicate and just slightly larger than a thong.

And of course Commando is the term used for going without any briefs at all. But no description required for that!