What Size Swimsuit Should I Buy?

What Size Swimsuit Should I Buy?

Buying clothes online is notoriously difficult. Every manufacturer seems to have a different interpretation of what UK Dress Size actually means. Am I a UK 18? Or Am I a ‘Large’? Am I standard fit or am I a ‘Plus Size’?

This problem is exacerbated when it comes to buying a swimsuit. The materials tended to be more stretchy, but on the other hand they are much closer fitting and body hugging. And of course of multiple wearing the swimsuit will start to expand. How confusing!

At Natural Curves we are here to help with a range of plus size swimsuits specifically designed for the curvaceous figure. To make things even easier you can choose your swimsuit in your Bra Size.

So how do you get the maximum comfort? Well it’s worth bearing in mind that a swimsuit has a tighter fit. Therefore whilst our swimsuits do come with built in cups, yes you should order your usual cup size, but you probably should think about going up a back size. This should give you sufficient support & bust coverage with a slimming aspect at the same time.

The St Tropez Swimsuit is a great example of a swimsuit that can be ordered in your bra size but does come up quite tight. So whilst we suggest ordering your usual cup size, you should definitely go up a back size.

And don’t worry if the swimsuit still feels a little tight initially. After a few dips in the pool or ocean the material will naturally mould to your body and loosen up in shape. This applies to our swimsuits, bikinis and even our plus size tankini’s.

If you do decide to choose another brand of swimwear, it is essential that firstly you check their size guide as these guidelines do vary by manufacturer. Secondly it’s always worth looking at the customer reviews as other customer experiences will give you a good indication of how the sizing works. Thirdly you may wish to purchase to ‘try on’ several swimsuits, just like you would in a physical shop. Most bona fide online retailers do provide this facility. Just be sure not to remove the clothing tags or hygiene strip when doing so.

Its’s also worth being aware of the fabric in the swimsuit that you are ordering. lycra and spandex for example have far more stretch than polyester initially, although the flip side of this that the polyester will retain it’s shape for much longer.

So in summary our advice when ordering any swimwear, be that swimsuit, bikini or tankini is as follows.

1) Check your usual bra size. If you need help with that follow this link to learn how to measure your bust.

2) Refer to the manufacturers Size Guide.

3) Think about the materials being used. Some are tight fitting, others are looser & more stretchy.

4) Look at online reviews. Not just on the website but on social media as well.

5) Try different sizes. Just because you’re buying online doesn’t mean you can’t behave exactly as you would in an actual physical shop.