Plight Of A Tall Woman

Plight Of A Tall Woman

You know, a lot of people will think that the term ‘plus size’ only applies to people of a larger build or fuller figure. The term has attracted some negative press over the years, especially now that high street brands consider anything above a size 14 ‘plus size’ (which is ridiculous given that the national average size is currently 16). And don’t even get me started on the fashion industry considering any model over a size 8 ‘plus sized’. Body types vary wild and the average UK woman’s weight (11st) can look very different on different women, with height playing a big factor. The point is, being plus sized doesn’t just mean you’re big around the waist. It can mean you have bigger hips, bigger boobs or, like many women, a longer torso or long legs. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, but for tall women there is one area that will cause problems, the one place they will always avoid, and that’s the swimwear aisle.

The Swimwear Problem

As a woman with a long torso (or just one who’s particularly tall) swimwear presents a very unique problem. Because clothes are designed on average sizes, they are designed to fit those dimensions very snugly. That means for taller women, wearing a one-piece swimsuit turns into a constant battle between trying to ensure your boobs are covered up and avoiding giving yourself a very uncomfortable wedgie. This constant battle is uncomfortable, embarrassing and even painful at times. Sure, you could opt to wear a bikini or a tankini, but if you are conscious of your stomach (as I know many people are) or just don’t enjoy the exposed feeling of a bikini, this is not a great option. Also if you’re quite active and enjoy other activities like riding bikes, diving into pools and so on while wearing your swimsuit, bikinis can be quite a risky endeavour! So what’s a tall or long torso’d girl to do?


Long Solutions

Never fear, the long length swim suit is here! Well, actually, they’ve been around a while, but for a lot of that time the only option was a plain old Speedo swimsuit – hardly the most flattering thing in the world. As the plight of the taller women became more well known, a few manufactures started bringing out ‘long length’ options, but you were limited to a few, frankly unflattering styles. But fast forward a few years and the marketplace now has a nice selection of attractive and fashionable ‘long length’ swimsuit options for taller ladies.

But there is something you should watch out for. Many retailers, especially supermarkets and large high street chains, will often market a swimsuit as ‘long length’ simply because it has adjustable straps that allow you to add maybe an inch to the length. For some that might be just right, but for many it’s not that helpful. Very few swimwear producers provide a body length measurement for you as a shopper to compare to, and it’s often difficult to get the sizes right just with adjustable straps. With taller women it’s all about the proportions, meaning you need a little extra height in the body of the swimsuit. Before you buy make sure you check that your swimsuit has actually been given that extra height with fabric, instead of straps!

At Natural Curves we cater to every variation of ‘plus sized’ woman, from short to tall and everything in between. Our range of swimwear includes a selection of long length swimming costumes that have been specifically designed to consider the plights of the taller woman. Adding height in the torso and cutting the hips slightly higher not only ensures comfortable coverage, but also elongates your legs, balancing out the length of your torso. Take a look through our collection or get in touch with our customer service team for more information or advice.

If you have any questions at all about your purchase of plus size lingerie please do contact us, we are here to help!