Melinda Messenger Lingerie

Melinda Messenger Lingerie

Melinda Messenger was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. After attending College, she spent six months working as a flight attendant and then joined a local marketing company. 

However, deciding she wanted to become a model she was advised by her agent to enhance her breasts which she enlarged to a 34DD cup.

She then took a job modelling for a local double glazing company, dressed only in knickers and a bra.

After being put up as part of an advertising campaign with the slogan "Class Behind Glass", the posters quickly began disappearing from bus stops, taken by local lads. After a complaint at the lack of clothes on Messenger, the Advertising Standards Authority banned the campaign claiming they were not as "classy" as they claimed to be.

After local newspapers picked up on the story, the Nationals then also followed suit and her career took off. Soon after Messenger shot to fame, her mother Avis, publicly denounced her for her glamour career choice, and the two became estranged. It wasn't until the birth of Melinda's first son that the two were reconciled.

Due to her large breasts Messenger was one of the most popular 'Page 3' girls in both the Sun and the Daily Star. Her work for the newspaper entailed visiting the Spanish Costas  as well as visits to English seaside resorts - an assignment known as "Mel's Big Bus Tour". She continued working for The Sun until readers voted to ban models with breast implants.

British  television presenter Melinda Messenger was chosen by Ultimo as the new face and body of their new lingerie range for the fuller figure. Ultimo's D-G range lingerie has been designed for big-breasted women, and Messenger with her 34DD bust, was delighted to have been chosen to front the campaign. "It's fantastic to be the face of the D-G cup range and to discover lingerie that celebrates women's curves," she was quoted as saying.

Glamour model Melinda Messenger has recently pledged that she will not take off her bra for a Page 3 spread again. The British TV presenter, cited her three children as the reason behind the undertaking. "I've got three children - and I've breastfed!" the Sun quoted her as saying. "I wouldn't want to do it, it's just not appropriate. Can you imagine my poor kids' reaction?" she added.


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