Loose Women

Loose Women

When it comes to posing for the camera in a swimsuit, even the most confident celebrities are known to rely upon just a little airbrushing to give themselves the perfect hourglass figure.

But, according to Woman magazine, there was 'no airbrushing required' when Loose Women stars Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch and Andrea McLean posed for these shots in their plus size swimsuits.

Waterloo Road actress Denise is the oldest of the three and she revealed that early in her career the pressure to be thin was immense.

“I went on every diet imaginable, even drastic seven-day fasts with no food at all” she said. “At the time I thought I looked curvaceous, but when I look back at those photos, I realise that trying to hide my natural curves was a stupid idea”

The stars from the TV show ‘Loose Women’ are among a host of celebrities baring their figures and revealing their insecurities in support a campaign to convince women to be proud of their bodies.

Coleen Nolan 44, looking fantasic in a swimsuit for the fuller figure, revealed she recently had a breast cancer scare. “There’s a history of breast cancer in my family so obviously I was terrified. Luckily I got the all-clear, but it made me realise my health priorities. It really makes you appreciate your body a lot more.”

Bride-to-be Andrea McLean, 39, said she was delaying vital surgery until after her August wedding to fiancé Steve. “My problems started when I had children, I‘ve got a hernia and need an operation and it’s made me very conscious of my tummy.” she said

'I’ve hired a trainer, and the rest of me is toned. But there’s nothing I can do about my stomach sticking out.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel pressure to be slim on TV and I have even tried shapewear for the fuller figure.  But at the end of the day that’s what’s so great about the Loose Women programme. We’re just nice, normal women with curvy figures. We’ll have salad for lunch – then by the evening we’re back in the pub!”