Large Cup Bras

Large Cup Bras

How To Choose A Comfortable Plus Size Bra

For most women choosing the correct Bra size is pure guesswork! This is even more difficult for a woman buying a plus size bra who wants a large cup size. In reality most women simply stay with the size they have always purchased because it feels “about right.”

You also need to consider that our bodies change as we get older, that is both the weight and shape! So, what may have been the correct size a few years ago, will most likely not be suitable today.

A Bra is a garment that is worn pretty much all day long, and so if you are wearing the wrong size, most likely this will cause you consistent discomfort.

So, here’s a few really simple tips to ensure you achieve the best possible fit.

a) If at all possible, a professional Bra fitting is definitely the best place to start. Most good lingerie shops offer this service and if you can’t find one, please contact us! If you give us a few simple measurements plus some idea of the style of Bra, you are looking for we can usually help.

b) If you choose a wired Bra, the wires should sit completely flat between your bust and your ribcage at the side of your body. The bottom band of the Bra should sit slightly below your shoulder blades, and you should be able to place just 2 fingers underneath it. So, in this way it is not too loose and not too tight.

If you prefer a non-wired bra our most popular Bra is the Jacquard Wire Free Bra from Elila. It is available up to a UK N cup.

c) The cup should comfortably cover the whole breast with no flesh falling out at the front or sides. The shoulder straps should keep the cups in place and once again you should be able to fit just two fingers underneath the straps so adjust them until this is the case.

The support should come from the band underneath the Bra.

d) For maximum comfort it is really important to think about your personal body shape when choosing a Bra.  For example, for a smaller frame, a Plunge Bra or a Full Cup Bra might be your best option. If you have more of a gap between your breasts, then perhaps a Balcony Bra might give you the support you need as well as enhancing your cleavage.

e) Keep it fresh! If possible, your collection of Bras should number at least three which you can wear in rotation. It is also a great idea to have different bras for different outfits. So, a T-Shirt Bra, Strapless Bra, Plunge Bra, Balcony Bra, and Sports Bra might be a good place to start.

Also bear in mind that 6/9 months is the average life expectancy of a bra. After that the level of support and comfort declines.

Click here for our Kate Sports Bra which is non-wired and goes up to a N cup in European sizes which is equivalent to a K cup  in the UK

For another option, click here for our Strapless Longline Bra from Elila. It’s available up to a UK H cup.

Hopefully, that gives you some ideas on how to get the best fit for your plus size bra. If you do have any questions please contact us here: We usually aim to reply within 1 or 2 working days.

Thanks for reading and please drop by again for some more tips on lingerie, bra’s, corsets, sleepwear and everything a plus size lady needs to consider for her underwear reauirements.

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