Curvy Women Are Better In Bed!

Curvy Women Are Better In Bed!

Now men and women with natural curves like Nigella Lawson, can rest easy in the knowledge they are better in bed than their size-zero counterparts. And that's a fact. Curvy women have been making a comeback on the catwalk and new research reveals that having more meat on your bones doesn't just look great, it actually makes you better in bed

According to a survey conducted by a prominent UK bed manufacturer, 89% of men say they prefer curvy women as lovers to their stick-thin counterparts.Even more surprising is that 68% of women think the same way - saying bigger men make far better bed-partners than thinner males.How could this be?

Of those surveyed - 1,019 men and women - 56% of people who prefer curvier partners believe bigger men and women are more considerate about their likes and dislikes; 24% say curvier men and women are more "giving"; 12% say bigger bed partners "try harder" and 8% say curvier men and women have "more to love" than their stick-thin rivals.

And would you believe science also proves the theory.

Thinner celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole toss and turn an average of 10 times in the night, causing a restless night's sleep - compared to women like the curvy Kate Winslet and the voluptuous Kelly Brook who only toss and turn an average of twice a night.

Sleep scientists, have conducted a two-year study around what makes people toss and turn and have discovered it's a result of the number of pressure points a person has.

Conducting a sleep experiment with two volunteers of different weights - a female weighing 8 stones and a male weighing 15 stones - they were able to pinpoint the areas where there was pressure.

The lighter person suffers more from pressure points, especially when they sleep on their side, than the heavier person. The more pressure there is, the poorer the circulation becomes and so the body turns to relieve the pressure.

The peak pressure points are less on the heavier person as they have a greater contact surface area with the mattress - meaning their own "padding" helps to cushion them.

The survey concludes "Curvy women everywhere, like Charlotte Church should be feeling pretty happy right now. Our survey shows they are highly rated in the passion stakes, and science proves that they're better behaved in bed too - surely that's the ideal partner!"