What Is My Correct Bra Size?

What Is My Correct Bra Size?

How To Measure Your Bust

It’s not always possible to get to a physical shop and meet up with an established bra fitter and so here’s a few tips to help you make sure you have the correct fitting bra.

1) Choose one of your most comfortable bras – Non padded would be ideal. You are looking for a snug fit where your nipples should sit about halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. The wires in your bra should not dig into your skin at all. If your nipples sit lower, you can tighten the shoulder straps.

For this purpose, ideally select an underwired bra – Here is one of our most popular:


2) Find a soft tape measure and stand in front of a mirror. Place the tape measure around your body UNDERNEATH your breasts. Ideally this will be the same place that the band of your bra sits.

To ensure a correct measurement, look in the mirror and ensure the tape measure is horizontal. Pull the tape tight and write down this measurement. (Not so tight that it digs into your skin. If the measurement is a fraction such as ½ or ¾ for example, round up to the nearest number of inches. Bra back sizes are usually in even numbers, so to start with we should suggest rounding up to the nearest even number.


3) Still standing in front of the mirror, wrap the tape around your body and over the fullest part of your bust. This is usually where the nipples are. Make a note of this measurement.

It’s not unusual for a women’s bust to vary in measurement based upon the weather and your hormaones. So try and choose a day when your breasts feel relatrivley normal.

Once again standing upright to ensure the tape is horizontal is important. The tape should not be as tight as it was when you measured the back size. Round up the measurement to the nearest full number.

Also note that most women have one breast larger than the other and so ensure the tape covers both breasts equally.


4) Now subtract your back size from your cup size. The difference bewteen these 2 numbers will be your cup size using this table:

1“       A cup

2“       B cup

3“       C cup

4“       D  cup

5“       DD / E cup  

If the gap is more than 5 inches you should refer to the size chart of the individual manufacturers size guide, as this often varies quite significantly.

5) Combine the cup size you have now arrived at with the earlier BACK SIZE.

If you are choosing a corset or a longline bra these measurements are exactly the same.

Here is a low back bra that gives great support:

6) Make the necessary adjustments.

If the fit of your new bra is not quite right, remember that the cup size will change by back size. Hence if you change the cup size you will also need to change the back size.

As a rule of thumb, if you go down a back size you will also need to go up a cup size. In addition, if you go up a back size you may well need to go down a back size!

The back size is the crucial element here so start with that and you can experiment with the cup size.

7) Sports Bras.

For any energetic activity you will most likely need a smaller back size with probably the same cup size. But this is also worth experimenting with so do try a smaller cup as well.

Here is our best-selling Sports Bra:

If you are still unsure about your bra size you can either Click Here or please contact us and we will be delighted to help.


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