Introducing The Carmen Collection

Introducing The Carmen Collection

I came across this beautiful collection from Ulla Dessous a while ago and was immediately hugely impressed. It is extremely functional as you would expect from any Ulla product, so wearing it all day long is never a hardship! But what really impressed me was how they retain that air of femininity and delicacy which is so rare when buying what the experts call ‘plus size’ lingerie.

The delicate embroidery coupled with the beautifully embossed material will be a real head turner for your partner as well as giving you amazing comfort whilst wearing.

There are 3 bras in total, the standard size which is an EU B to G cup, which in the UK probably equates to B to EE cup. For added comfort there is a tripartite cut which just emphasises how much thought and detail Ulla put into designing their bras. In addition the shoulder straps and cup are decorated with lovely lace embroidery, a nice touch!

For many manufacturers a ‘plus size bra’ means exactly the same bra but only bigger! This is not the Ulla way as here you will find a double back for the F & G cups.

There is also a larger cup size available which is H to L in EU cup size which approximately equates to UK F to I cup. This bra too has a double back and in addition slightly wider shoulder straps which are so important for a fuller busted woman.

If underwired is not your thing and I know that’s the case for many women today, this collection even has a non-wired bra as an option which is available in B to I EU cup size, which is equivalent to a UK B to G cup.  

The matching briefs are incredibly comfortable and will give you a real feeling of luxury against your skin when you put them on each morning. As an added bonus they are available as an EU 60 or 10X size which equates to a UK 34 dress size. In the middle of the front there are 2   solid stripe inserts and these coupled with the beautifully detailed embroidery create an appealing visual highlight here. The front and side panels plus the back are made from microfibre which explains the amazing comfort these panties offer.

For many women a bodysuit as an item of underwear is an alien concept but I really do think if you try this wonderful example from Ulla you’ll be hooked on one piece lingerie!

The cup of the body is very similar to the cup of the bra whilst the trunk of the body is made entirely of a smooth and stretchy microfibre. The front seams help create a sleek silhouette of your body and the delicate embroidery trim that adorns the leg edges, add that touch of style and sophistication. You’ll also be delighted to find the centre front is doubled and therefore supports and holds in your tummy.

It’s currently available in black, ecru and cappuccino although each season there is a new colour to choose from. So when you tire of one particular colour there’s an opportunity each season to freshen up your lingerie drawer. I would thoroughly recommend this beautiful collection. You won’t be disappointed!

Carmen large cup bra