Non-Wired Bras - Should You Make The Switch?

Non-Wired Bras - Should You Make The Switch?

When it comes to choosing the right style of bra for you, it really is a personal preference thing. Sure there are a few occasions in life when you will need a certain kind – like a nursing bra when breastfeeding – but even then you usually have the choice of the style, levels of padding and many more things to build your perfect bra. But there is one type of bra that has, until recently, been a little neglected. The non-wired bra. Now the non-wired bra is rising in popularity once more, we wanted to give you a bit of info to help you decide on your next style.

What Is A Non-Wired Bra, And Why Should I Wear One? 

A non-wired bra is a bra without underwire. It really is as simple as that. Some manufacturers or retailers also call them ‘wireless’ or ‘soft cup’ bras, but the actual design is the same. Non-wired bras tend to be less structured than an underwired alternative, making them softer on the breast and more comfortable for some women. If you have just had surgery, suffer from a hiatal hernia or have a high ribcage, non-wired bras are often the best option for you. Many women also opt for non-wired bras when pregnant or nursing, mainly because their bodies will be changing shape almost constantly and so non-wired bras prevent discomfort and stop them needing to constantly buy new bras in different sizes! Non-wired bras can still give support and even come in push up or super padded styles, but don’t give as much structure as underwire, making them more comfortable for long drives or just lounging around the house, but not great if you want that sculpted look.

Will A Non-Wired Bra Fit Better?

A common misconception is that when your underwire bra is causing your pain or discomfort, it’s the underwire at fault. This is absolutely not true. The reality is you probably just need a different size of bra, and switching to a non-wired bra in the same size will not solve the problem. Even without the wire, a non-wired bra that doesn’t fit right can dig in, roam around, ride up, gape or squash your breasts, leading to just as much discomfort as the underwire! If your bra is uncomfortable or your underwire is digging in, make sure you are wearing the right size for you before you switch. That said, if you have been blessed with very large breasts (we’re talking cup size L-N here) a non-wired bra might be a more comfortable, better fitting option for you. They can’t offer the same level of support as an underwire version, but non-wired bras are unparalleled in the comfort department. 

Do I Ever Need To Wear A Non-Wired Bra?

For the most part, you are free to wear whatever style of bra you love, whenever you want. However, there are certain times when you will need to ditch the underwire and find support elsewhere. The most common reason for this is surgery of any kind on the breast area. There are a variety of underwire free bras for women who have had a mastectomy, breast augmentation or any other chest surgery. After any kind of operation, your breasts are going to feel swollen and sore, as well as being vulnerable to damage in the early days. If you were to try and wear your normal underwired bra at this stage you would be uncomfortable, in pain and possibly causing injury. There is also the risk that your bra won’t fit correctly due to swelling, which can also cause problems. That’s why specialists recommend wearing bras with no underwiring, soft seams, full cups and a wide under band – to offer all the support and comfort you need to heal quickly and get back into your favourite underwear again. Thankfully, this is the only time in life when you should ‘need’ to wear a non-wired bra.

The most important factor in choosing a bra is finding one that makes you feel good. Whether that means making you so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it, giving you killer cleavage or just making sure your nipples don’t show through your shirt, a good bra can make you feel the very best you can. If you’re looking to try a non-wired bra for the first time or just fancy a change from your usual style, you can take a look through our collection and see if your next bra match is out there!

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