Hourglass Figure

Hourglass Figure

Fuller Figure Celebrities With A Classic Hourglass Figure

Technically an hourglass figure features a large bust, adorned by a large cup bra, a small waist, maybe helped by a Waist Cincher,  and defined by a curvaceous hip and backside beautifully covered by sexy knickers. This creates a curvy figure that most men adore and many women want.

The traditional theory of beauty says that for every man who chases the voluptuous type, such as Beyonce or Marilyn Monroe, or the shapely Karolina Kurkova there is another who prefers to woo a waif such as Twiggy or Kate Moss.

But this and the idea that beauty is subjective and ever-changing has been overturned by some recent research.

The research confirmed that lovestruck men have only one thing on their minds: a woman’s WHR – waist-hip ratio, calculated by dividing waist circumference by that of the hips.

Jessica Simpson and Nigella Lawson have something in common: both have waists that are noticeably narrower than their hips and the research suggests that this “natural curve” is ingrained in the male brain from Playboy centrefolds in sexy lingerie way back to the ancient Egyptians.

What what men find attractive today was also true hundreds of years ago, a narrow waist and an hourglass figure.

Modern science has helped to reveal why. An hourglass shape in women is associated with relatively high levels of the hormone oestrogen. Since oestrogen levels directly influence fertility, men seeking to pass their genes to the next generation would intuitively pick hourglass-shaped women.

Thus a small waist and hourglass figure can be regarded as a primary feature of feminine beauty and fertility across the centuries and across continents.