Wet Look Lingerie

Wet Look Lingerie

Introducing Noir Handmade

At last, here’s a selection of PVC and faux leather lingerie that isn’t tacky, seedy and cheap!

Noir Handmade is a European brand that manages to combine stylish and classy along with comfortable to wear and downright sexy. What a powerful combination!

They were founded in 2010 and are based in Wroclaw, Poland where all the clothing is designed and manufactured to a really high specification. Their products are original and innovative as well as pleasing on the eye.

Where they score so highly is in the quality of the materials they use. Every single garment is soft to the touch on the outside and on the inside (next to your skin) these garments feel like an absolute dream.

These are not cheap plastic pseudo leather & PVC items from the Far East!

They are designed principally for bedroom wear, but would certainly be suitable for clubwear and in fact they are so stunning you might just want to wear them on a regular basis outside of your home.

They have a complete range of products for both men and women and their women’s plus size collection is particularly attractive.

The garments are made from two materials:

PVC – (polyvinyl chloride) This is a synthetic soft but firm material. The added softening agents give it a) elasticity and flexibility, so it will stretch to fit your body b) resistance to alcohol and oil, meaning it will wipe clean & c) adaptability so it will quickly adjust to your body temperature. (completely unlike most mass market PVC)

PU Faux Leather – This is a synthetically produced polyurethane, that is smooth and elasticated. So it will gently shape itself around your curves. It is odourless, UV resistant and like the PVC it will also quickly adapt to your body temperature.

 So the days of cold and rough PVC or faux leather PU against your skin are now long gone!

The women’s range includes, dresses, skirts, jackets, bodysuits and surprisingly even stockings and a garter belt!

The Lace & PU mini dress is a real masterpiece within this collection whilst you can also choose a quite unique Pencil Skirt.

All of the items can be machine washed, but only on a cold setting, so probably hand washing would be preferable. But whichever item you choose there’s no doubt you will be absolutely delighted and will take great pleasure in wearing for many years to come!

Please allow 7/10 days for delivery.

If you have any questions about sizing please refer to our Noir Handmade Size Guide.